Resource-efficient Concept

Christoph Merian Foundation, as the building owner, attached the greatest importance to sustainability in the design of this new residential complex. As a result, we see a comprehensive conversion rather than a new construction: The basic structures of the previous buildings from the early 1980s are being retained, while the room layout, building equipment and appliances as well as the façade design are completely new.

Reusing large parts of the original construction material eliminates unnecessary transportation. This helps to protect the environment and reduces the consumption of gray energy. The valuable tree population and the generous green spaces will also be preserved.

Thanks to intelligent building technology, advanced underfloor heating with a surface cooling mode and geothermal probes in combination with photovoltaic systems on the roofs of both buildings, the property meets the highest requirements in terms of energy efficiency and ecology.

At a Glance

The residential complex Friedrich Oser Strasse consists of a total of eight terraced houses (five to six rooms with 136 m2 to 165 m2 of floor space) as well as two first floor apartments (3½ rooms with 69 m2 of floor space) and two maisonettes (4½ rooms with 112 m2 of floor space).